How do I get to or from Amsterdam and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport between November 13 and November 27, 2022?


For 15 days, from Sunday November 13, 2022 to Sunday November 27, 2022 work will be carried out on the track between Amsterdam Zuid station and Schiphol Airport railway station. The work is necessary because of the expected growth in the number of travelers. The work causes 3 major disruptions in the train schedules:

1. There will be NO trains to and from Amsterdam Zuid station. The railway station can’t be used for train traffic.
2. There will be fewer trains between Schiphol Airport railway station and Amsterdam Centraal station in the city center.
3. International train schedules might be changed.

Travelers will have to take into account track changes, detours, an extra transfer, and also with extra crowds in the trains and at stations. It is therefore advised to avoid peak times and to make use of the (detour) travel advice. We advise travelers to check the NS App or the NS website , and to take into account an extra travel time of up to 45 minutes.

To or from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
If your destination is Amsterdam, you can still use trains (fewer, though) between Schiphol Airport railway station (which is underneath the airport) and Amsterdam Centraal station and and vice versa. Amsterdam Centraal station is the largest railway station in Amsterdam and is situated in the city center. So many travelers might not even experience a difference during the work, as Amsterdam Centraal station is the most popular station in Amsterdam. Metro station Amsterdam Centraal is also the northern terminus of Amsterdam metro routes 51, 53, 54, and a stop for metro 52 operated by municipal public transport operator GVB. Amsterdam Centraal is also served by a number of GVB trams, busses and ferries. So, if your destination is not in the city center of Amsterdam, you can usually get there by using the metro, tram, bus or ferry.

Every 7.5 minutes bus 397 (at night N97) departs from bus stops B15-19 at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The Amsterdam Airport Express takes you directly to the Museumplein, Rijksmuseum or Leidseplein. From these places you can easily reach one of the many hotels in the center of Amsterdam.

To and from Amsterdam Zuid station
There will be NO trains to and from Amsterdam Zuid station. Travelers who have to go to or from Amsterdam Zuid station can travel via Amsterdam Centraal station. There you can transfer to metro 52 to Amsterdam Zuid. On the metro lines 50, 51 and 52 in Amsterdam, NS train ticket will be valid. Alternatively, if you prefer tot travel above ground and get an impression of Amsterdam city, you can take tram 24 at the eastern tram platform in front of the building of Amsterdam Centraal station, and change to tram 5 at tram stop Gerrit v.d. Veenstraat. Tram 5 stops on an overpass, just outside Amsterdam Zuid station.

On weekdays, extra trains will run between Amsterdam Centraal station via Schiphol Airport railway station to Utrecht Centraal railway station.

Direct trains will continue to run between Rotterdam Centraal station and Schiphol Airport railway station.

International trains
International train traffic will also run differently than travelers are used to, between November 13 and November 27, 2022. The IC Brussels will only run between Rotterdam and Brussels. The IC Berlin, Thalys and Eurostar will run with changed departure and arrival times to and from Amsterdam Centraal station.